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Luxury Travel On A Budget

Today’s records show that more and more people are fond of traveling, especially office workers. They have taken interest into traveling a form of a hobby. For them it is a good way to unwind and free away from the busy streets of the cities and the shadows of the surrounding tall buildings.

As exciting as travel seems, it has historically been a dangerous undertaking. This is where the emergence of luxury travels became abundant. Luxury travels attracted the not-so-adventurous travelers and the less brave. Luxury created a comfort zone and a distraction from risk.

Although it is a fact that luxury travels provide the safest measures, it does not provide protection from the natural dangers of weather and other natural phenomenons.

Comfort comes with a price when traveling. The more comfortable the travel, the more expensive it gets; and could be less adventurous, too. When you are on a tight budget, do you think you can still get a little lavish?

When you are on a budget, it is difficult to have a luxury travel. However, it is not impossible.

We can start with the most feasible, airport lounges. Taking a cheap flight still gives you access to the same lounges with business class travelers. Though this does not come in all airport lounges, there are quite many that do.

Beauty treatments, spas and massage stops. More often than not, natural spas are cheaper than sythesized ones. You can alsl find a lot of options in the Groupon website for discounted prices on beauty treatments, spas and massages.

And when you want to stay in luxury hotels, do so during the time of the year where there are less people that travel. The time of the year can make a huge difference. Avoid booking in big holiday seasons. And if you really want to go further, book luxury hotels that are not close to the main city. These hotels are proven to be less expensive.

Stands and Exhibitions To Grow Your Business

For many businesses, whether small or big, exhibitions stands is how commerce has to be conducted.
One of the many challenges in running an exhibition stand is to first find a person in charge of the stand. You, of course, as the owner of the business–dealing with meetings and all–would not have time; and even if you did, you would prefer to deal with other matters than operating a stand all day long. Most business owners are just not cut out for this, salespeople are. Salespeople are naturally enthusiastic; and enthusiasm goes a long way.

It is key to your exhibition to have everything planned out. You have to remember that exhibitions are a form of offline marketing, they help you meet potential customers that could possibly become qualified leads and consequentially result in sales and returning customers. Also, exhibition stands and trade shows have such competitive environments. So if you want to make an impression, you have to plan it well.

As offline marketing is expensive compared to online, leveraging your time and budget is important. How do you do this?

Identify your goals and objectives. This is the most basic rule. You do not post an image of a snake if you are into the fur business.
The next concern you should turn your attention to is your stand design. Ensure that it conveys your brand, your product, your service and your marketing aim.

Make everything in your exhibtion interesting. Have everything in your exhibition eye-catching; but do not overdo.

  • Use simple and short words–not sentences.
  • Use readable texts–not too colorful and not too dull; no to cursives and no to plain texts as well
  • Use bigger fonts for business/brand name and/or product/service
  • Use graphics–use more graphics than texts. Images are more appealing and, of course, illustrative
  • Highlights–highlight the best benefits of your product/service

And if you have information on where the mostly crowded area will be, grab that spot right away.

A final note for your business exhibition: follow up with your prospects and sales leads.


Ways to stay connected where ever you are – WiFi for Outdoor events

Get connected to your business all over the world through wi-fi. It is established that most businesses now are moving online. Given the number of companies that have shut down in the US and Europe, the rate at which online businesses are emerging has been growing. Consequentially, the percentage of jobs offered online has increased. As more business are moving online, more services are also being moved online, along with other products and processing. Marketing online has never as competitive as in this century, the 21st century.

And social media has played and been playing a very important role in online marketing. Other online marketing and sales tools have also emerged.

So as you realize now, the internet can be viewed as a business running daily. And when you think about it, it is where people get together now–online. And where people are, is where your business should be.

How do you get your business out there? How do you connect to the people, reach out to them and let them know about your business? You go online and market, advertise. You should get yourself online, get connected to a wi-fi as often as you can.

Wi-fi is a very portable business partner. When you’re on the go, with a wi-fi connection, you have the ability to access your business online: send and reply to emails.

But wi-fi is not everywhere.

Everyone can suggest they are in coffee shops and some fast food chains like McDonalds. But if you’re not into coffee and fatty foods, this is not the way you want to go.

So where else can you find wi-fi? You’ll be surprise to know that some truck stops and auto shops offer free wi-fi, to keep waiting customers occupied.

Libraries and other public areas offer wi-fi connectivity, too, like city halls and some parks.

But if you really want to own your wi-fi everywhere, you should get your own satellite hotspot. It’s expensive but it will be worth if you are running a worldwide company.

Reduce its debts: debt consolidation

Many households have several credits and find themselves in a situation often difficult to manage. In discussing with their surroundings, they then heard about debt consolidation, but do not know precisely to what this relates.
Here is an article to introduce this solution for a good control of its finances. However the field is vast and you will need to inquire at best before making any decision.
Debt consolidation, how does it work?
This is a guest article by Ashley P. Co-blogger on monmodedevie. This blog tracks articles to help you in the life of all the days environmental, health, and daily life in general.
Debt consolidation is a loan made by a bank or financial to repay your debts in a single payment. For example, if you have several lines of credit, with different rates, your advisor will consolidate all your credits in a single at a more advantageous rate. As such you won’t only a monthly payment and a better management of your repayments.
However all debts are not eligible. Your insurance company or personal payments may not be included. However a loan funding to redo the interior decoration of your House could, however, be taken into account. Your advisor will be able to explain to you what debts can be grouped.
Only your bank will be able to tell you what debts may be eligible for your consolidation loan.
To make a request for debt consolidation, it is necessary to have sufficient income to ensure the payment of the single monthly payment and have an acceptable credit rating. The goal is to prove that we can assume the payments and regular expenses such as invoices (cell phone, water, gas, electricity, rent,…).
Many sites you propose to carry out a simulation of your debt ratio, see the search results “to calculate its debt ratio” on google to get a good overview.
Before your interview with a Counsellor, we recommend that you prepare it with a financial advisor.
First of all, list your current debts and make their total amount, in order to give an overview to your advisor. Although please refer to your credit file, it will appreciate your transparency and your involvement.
Several institutions offer this kind of service, so don’t hesitate to consult several in order to see the different rates and conditions proposed by you.
Of the establishment of loan agreement, we’ll have to settle unpaid debts. Usually it is the financial institution that regulates these amounts, but you can pay yourself directly with your creditors to limit the amount of refunds.
However, I invite you to beware of redemption of unscrupulous credit companies who offer sometimes dubious contracts. Beware of derivatives and do not enter into contact with serious and certified organizations.
In conclusion
The advantage of debt consolidation in a single payment (a single monthly payment for several accounts) of your credits, and the maintenance of a good rating if you you do in time. However care must be taken at the close of your credit cards otherwise you may enter a spiral renewing your debt infinitely.
Namely that by contracting a debt consolidation loan, all your creditors (those to whom you have debts) will be fully and simultaneously paid. You can achieve savings at the level of interest because you only pay them a single body, not many.
In any case, I invite you as Michael to use the snowball method for reimbursement of your credits. You will enjoy your money longer term but will find from one day to the next day a significant financial «freedom».
I hope that this article will be useful. If you have no debts, avoid up to contract to not fall into a downward spiral that becomes quickly. If you have any comments, do not hesitate, I will answer with pleasure.
How about you? Have you already contracted a debt consolidation? What do you think? are you subject to receipt of mail offering ever redeem your credits? Leave me your comments.

When the round diamond must share market

To change a few items to make real savings, I decided today to present you a small change that will particularly affect girls. Gentlemen still take a look, you’ll be less surprised when your woman (or future wife) will require you a diamond star.

A new era for our diamonds

This is a guest article by Ashley P. Co-blogger on monmodedevie. This blog tracks articles to help you in the life of all the days environmental, health, and daily life in general. In the context of our exchanges, decided to offer you a new 100% girls but that may also be of interest to these gentlemen for their future gifts…


In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky developed from mathematical calculations, the form known as ‘brilliant round’ that the brilliance of the stone would be optimal. Since 1939, the shape of the diamond is part of 4 determinants of the price of this stone with purity,weight and color.
Although the size is the most important factor for the lapidary, 58 faceted round brilliant has emerged as a classic in the eyes of all.
But this era of the brilliant round diamond will soon change. And Yes your diamond for your engagement ring may not be adorned with a round gemstone but will leave room for less traditional forms as a square diamond (cushion) or diamond (said marquise) or more original shapes for a stone (PEAR or baguette).
But why this change?
On the one hand by analyzing the diamond market there is a shortage of brilliant diamonds that they are often purchased by the Chinese market.
Thereby jewellers should bounce back quickly to maintain their market share. And isn’t interesting to be able to develop a complete range of jewellery is available in different forms?
Renaissance for diamond
Wear jewelry adorned with bright stones, we get tired quickly of this excess of brilliance.Women today are looking for a return to more discreet jewelry. It goes same for many designers, Messika, Cartier, or Fred. Cartier exit the ring with a stone in kite, Chanel will have the half-pipe in one of her bracelets.

And the savings in all this?

To return about business-design, namely savings, be aware that there are many ways to buy jewellery and precious stones. In a first time private sales specialized as diamond single sites or private sales generalized, that you will find on vented for example. More simply, Jewellers typically offer you big promotions If you have loyalty card (Jean Delatour with its permanent 40%, or Maty with regular discounts catalogs).
Finally sites like Diamond-Diamond and Adamence offers discounts up to 60% compared to the close traditional jewelry.

What do you pleasure or make fun at ‘low cost ‘.


In conclusion

Do you know that there are now over 400 sizes of diamond. This leaves a wide choice but yet some go still further by inventing their own sizes, such as the famous House Van Cleef & Arpels in imagined a 101 facets, Mont-Blanc to squarely cut a diamond with the effigy of its logo in the shape of Star, as well as Louis Vuitton and its quadrifoil flower.
Others like Pomellato first think their mounts and then design their stones on the basis of the latter. This technique is very appreciated by Jewelers to create unique jewelry.
In all cases, the purchase of a diamond Saran not necessarily with mad spending and your bank account will not necessarily empty. So think about it, for an original Christmas gift, a diamond in the form of tree?

Then you follow the old or the new school? Do you prefer traditional diamonds or would you be tempted by these new original forms? Do you know other tricks to buy your jewelry at a lower cost? Leave me your comments.



You heat gas? Why you are going to pay expensive, very expensive?

This is not new, gas is expensive, and those who use it for cooking, wash and heat their interior make the bonds in each of the invoices they receive. To see a bit of history, our current Prime Minister François Fillon has implemented in July freezing the price of gas for consumers, and for one year at least.
And it is simply shredded. Explanations.

Increase in the price of gas in sight, what solutions?

The news comes to us from the Council of State, and she is not very good. Do you know the Anode? It is in fact the retail operators Association national energy (Anode). This association brings together Direct Energy, Poweo, Altergaz and gas in Paris, the main competitors of GDF Suez. Without going into details, this association has made a referral for interim measures to the Council of State, which led to a sad revelation for the 10 million gas consumers.
Simply put, it is said that the Government’s decision to freeze gas prices is very questionable in terms of legality. It is therefore given a month to the Government that these prices be reviewed upward or downward on the basis of changes in the market. You’ll understand with the title of the article, it is rather that they will point up.

“According the Committee on regulation of energy (CRE), price (frost-free) would normally have had to increase from 8.8 to 10% on average.”

Reduce heating temperature

Would you be able to tell me how much you heat your home? If some take risks to their health by limiting housing all to 16 degrees, others instead don’t hesitate to heat up to 22 degrees and more. Yet, there is no ideal temperature for the entire home, but the temperatures for each piece of the latter.

“Thus the bathroom in general must be heated to 20 ° C, or even 21 ° C. The other parts must however be at temperature of 19 ° C. Finally, the bedroom should logically be around 17 ° C.”

Lowering the heating of the bedroom, in addition to improving your sleep (the body must cool), will lower your Bill significantly.

“Do you know that lower the temperature of your home or room in particular can save you between 7 and 12% on your bill of gas or electricity, for each degree less?”
Hint: a polar in Decathlon, 8 euros. And it’s just sweet.

Avoid contact with the outside world

The loss of energy in housing comes primarily from the windows. There are for this two simple methods for addressing the problems of cold (and warm elsewhere).

“Place curtains thermal insulation.”

If some curtains are designed to best for this, it is also possible to ‘enhance’ your favorite (and already purchased) curtains with extra insulating protection. A lining that is put behind any what curtain. This last will then return to the heart of the room heating rays emitted by your heat source. A savings of 45% about a bill for heating (in the case of a standard glass).
The second tip is also quite simple.

“Close the flaps.”

Once the Sun gave us up loosely at 5.30 p.m., close flap until the cold moved out. You will avoid then the cold (and wind) to enter in direct contact with windows and therefore your interior.
Reduce your consumption of gas or electricity with simple gestures

Do not use hot water when washing teeth (use a cup with ambient water), heating water for pasta with a lid (warm-up time decreased by 70%), thaw your products before cooking (the time of heating by 50% decrease).
So many tricks on which I would later return. This article is long enough.
In conclusion

If the announcement of the Council of State was to be expected, at least the increase in the price of gas, it is still in wonder what really expect distributors of the valuable means of heating. Destroy a few economies of millions of consumers? Put french households in absolute poverty? Grow still more?
In all cases, we unfortunately we expect to have to pay again and again for what I consider a right for the people, and not a constraint or a less and less affordable luxury.

How about you? What do you think? are you ready to pay your extra 10% gas as possible? Do you plan to install other means of heating? Do you know other tricks to reduce your Bill? Leave me your comments.

Thank you for reading and talk to you very soon.

Monopoly Mc Donald’s, still 14 million gifts to win, why not you?

You agree, it would have been scandalous to not talk about the current set of McDonald’s on business-design. THE game that everyone speaks, happening on television, radio, on the internet and on all media possible and unimaginable. Why suchexcitement? Because we “finally” all have the chance to win. Small overview of the game.

How to win at the Mc Donald’s Monopoly? We offers 17 million gift.


First of all, for those who do not yet know. Simply put, Mc Donald’s revisits the famousgame of Monopoly until November 15 (with possibility of extension until November 22, 2011). By purchasing products (Menu, ice cream, drinks) you receive small detachable thumbnails representing streets of Monopoly, immediate gains or a chance card.

2 thumbnails you will be offered for the purchase of a medium drink, 4 thumbnails fora large drink, 2 thumbnails for a McFlurry or a small hot drink.

For earnings:

The immediate gains offer you the chance to win products Mc Donald’s (Discover herethe complete list) as the Mc Wrap, Big Mac, fries. Thumbnails of immediate gains youalso propose to win the games Monopoly Deal, music tracks and so on.

Cards chance to win € 10,000 a day via a random draw. The winner will be announced on YouTube every day. To do this simply enter the number of vo (s) tre chance on theMcDonald’s Monopoly site map (s) and then wait.

Finally, the thumbnails representing the streets of the game. No doubt the object of alldesires. As for the game, you get all the thumbnails of a color to win a gain. Depending on your color, and as for the real Monopoly, you then win a gift from pair of speakers to EUR 100 000. Below is the list of possible gains:


-€100 000 with two dark blue thumbnails: - Champs-Elysées - code - 221M - and -peace Street - code - 222M-.

-(5 x) a MINI COOPER of 19 830 euros with three green thumbnails: - avenue ofBRETEUIL - code - 218M -, - avenue FOCH - code - 219M - and - Boulevard desCAPUCINES - code - 220M-.

-(10 x) a journey of 9,000 euros with three yellow thumbnails: - faubourg Saint-Honoré- code - 215 M -, - place of the BOURSE - code - 216 M - and - rue la FAYETTE - code- 217M-.

-(50 x) a LED TV 94 cm with DVD BLU – RAY of 1,100 euros by having three redthumbnails: - avenue MATIGNON - code - 212M - -, boulevard MALESHERBES - code- 213M - and - avenue HENRI-MARTIN - code - 214 M-.

-(200 x) a Samsung GALAXY S II of 600 euros approximately with three Orangethumbnails: - avenue MOZART - code - 209M -, - boulevard Saint-Michel - code - 210 M - and - Piglet - code - 211 M-.

-(250 x) a 520 euros about ARCHOS tablet with three pink thumbnails: - boulevard ofLA VILLETTE - code - 206M - - avenue of NEUILLY - code - 207 M - and - ruePARADIS - code - 208 M-.

-(400 x) an XBOX 360 with Kinect games and 3 of 389 euros with four stations: code -223, 224, 225 M and 226 M-.

-500 kits Best of Emotion WONDERBOX 99.90 euros by having three clear bluethumbnails: - rue de VAUGIRARD - code - 203M -, - COURCELLES - code - 204M -and - avenue de LA RÉPUBLIQUE - code - 205M-.

-1 000 pairs of portable speakers from 25 euros with two Brown thumbnails: -BELLEVILLE boulevard - code - 201M - and - rue LECOURBE - code - 202M-.


Namely that all these gains can also be won immediately if you discover a vignette’GAIN’ with the title of one of these. If you get thumbnails of the same colour, fill out this form to get your winnings. (Opposite the game board to download and print tomake the point on your current thumbnails).

You see, 17 million gift will probably make the happiness of any follower of McDonald’sfood. However, if win a small drink or a McWrap is within reach of any consumer (seesame several times during the game), they are indeed gifts above that interest you as apriority, and it will be not so easy to gather the thumbnails of the same color.

In fact, Ronald is malignant and has not put the same number of streets in the game.Thus a street of each color will be very difficult to obtain. Here is the list:


Dark blue thumbnails: street of peace

Green thumbnails: Avenue Foch

Yellow stickers: Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Red thumbnails: Boulevard Malsherbes

Orange thumbnails: Mozart Avenue

Pink thumbnails: Avenue Neuilly

Railway stations: Gare de Lyon

Clear blue thumbnails: Avenue de la République

Brown vignettes: Boulevard de Belleville

Several solutions are available to you. Either you have a lot of luck or you find one ofthese 9 thumbnails in those that you have obtained in your purchases. In this case, others will be not difficult to have. Either you have more luck or you find a seller ofthe famous sticker on the net. These sell for gold on sites such as leboncoin price, ebayand so on. Either you really have a lot of  luck and your neighbor’s table has absolutelyno desire to play. In which case it will not take its thumbnails and it will be possible toretrieve these before they end up in the trash. Vignettes include one of the “rare” streets above. Finally, the last solution is barter.

You propose a division of earnings with the happy holder of the coveted sticker. For me,this result a sense of very strange reflection of this rare map owner. But hey it takeseverything to make a world.


In conclusion

The McDonalds Monopoly the particularity to offer you a very high probability of gain.It is not uncommon to win a cheeseburger, a small drink and one of the 13 millions ofproducts Mc Do in game. What make you save a few euros. To win one of the biggestgains in game, the chance must be hand on your side. Personally if someone wants tosell me the gare de Lyon for 50 euros, I’m interested. You have until November 15.


I think the popularity of this game lies at this level. Everyone can win (earnings in realtime here). And it is quite pleasant and nice to collect these small thumbnails,complement the shelf and hope discover the thumbnail that will maybe make our lifefor a moment.


In the meantime, you can make your thumbnails on business-design exchanges. Simplypost a comment with your research or your cards duplicate you want to offer.

Also do not hesitate to let us know if you have won a small as a very large gift.

How about you? What do you think of this McDonald’s game? Do you find this interesting, pleasant, all just stupid? Do you have a barter to propose? Mail us yourcomments. We will respond with pleasure.


Statistics for business-design – 01 November to 30 November 2011

Business-design was set up March 10, 2011. It is designed to trace the day the day my thoughts and my experiences in the quest for financial independence from scratch. Round his, find good plans, conduct investigations on scams and exceptional promotions found in everyday life. Offer you culinary recipes at low prices and complete records on a specific theme. All of this information and many others are to find business –

Summary of previous episodes

With 11 articles in one month, site has experienced a small drop of regime on this point. Blame it on a relatively busy job and a great fatigue I try to recover as well as I can. However, some of these items have become very popular, especially for the comments.
First, consider the most commented articles:

“Omprakash article on the use of his passion (crafts, and especially one in particular) to supplement its month harvesting the most reviews with a total of 55. It is followed closely (52 comments) by my article on the solution E. Leclerc no longer forget your coupons. Ashley can also be proud, his article on debt consolidation got 45 very interesting comments. I also received an email on this subject that I diffuserais in the comments. Finally the subject of the shopping outlets has strongly interested in you with its 40 comments. However my penultimate article is good start in two days he harvested 32 comments from people explaining how they heat their interior, following the announcement of a further increase in likely gas.”

If we focus on the most viewed articles:

“I can’t me even. Article on the McDonald Monopoly to everything simply blew scores. Totalling 4287 visits in a month, it’s just 400% more than the second and third most SUVs. Unlike the previous month, found in most viewed most commented articles. So the solution e-Leclerc on the coupons, creative leisure of Omprakash, sites on the shopping outlets and finally the increase in gas get respectively 294, 257, 257 and 233 visits.”

I proposed this month to win a gift box by posting comments on the site maximum. To my great astonishment and to delight me, this operation outright exploded contributions on the site. If the battle between Julien and Omprakash has raged for almost 3 weeks, Julien took a big lead and more than 200 comments during the month. It is just awesome and I thank him greatly. You have well deserved this box Julien. I also let you tell me what “theme” you choose and I will send you the Cabinet before Christmas. In a month the site more than 500 comments. Thank you all, it really motivates me to do still more.
I also welcome Ashley, a co-blogger of Monmodedevie that to published 2 articles for its first month of business-design presence.
While all this give figures?

-The blog has generated a total of 4776 visits, including absolute 4117 visitors. It annoys me a little because people do not return to the site after a first visit.
-4776 visits, there were a total of 8623 page views for a total of 1.81 page per visit. A little less than last month.
-Average time spent on the site is 1 min 58 seconds. A very small decline, but the articles are shorter at the moment.
-Google and Facebook are the 2 main sources of traffic. You’ll need that I reassess a few advertisements on other sites. Direct access to the site (people who directly type business – in their navigation bar represents less than 10%. I hope that the upcoming flyers will change these bad statistics.
-any confused compensation platform, the site brought me 3.64 euros. It progresses slowly, and I thank the people who click on ads. It is thanks to this that I could always offer you more than beautiful gifts.
I want to clarify that I sold this month my first three pictures. Remember that I’m trying experience to exploit my passion to supplement my month. These 3 pictures therefore report me 6 euros. I’m trying to redo a few series that I hope will sell even more.

If summarized. Business – is on a rather well path at the moment. I hope to find quickly most of time and form to provide you with high-quality articles. If the site exists it is thanks to you and to your visits, so feel free to make the advertising around you. The Facebook page and Twitter account are there for that.
Once again, a big thank you to Julie, Omprakash, Agnes and Sev for their many comments. Thanks to all the others for your presence and your visits. Feel free to become active, to propose your tips and post your comments. Everyone has a little trick to make beautiful savings.
If you also want to receive an email informing you of new articles, please feel free to subscribe to the newsletter, always on the right side of the site, or on a dedicated page.


Soon more expensive diesel that the unleaded?

The car takes an important place in the French budget. It is therefore natural that business-design regularly offers new products, news and tests on the subject. However today, I won’t tell you good news, at least for the ‘happy’ holders of diesel vehicles (including myself).

Project increase in the price of diesel. More expensive than the sans-plomb?

It is however what would consider the European commission. To reduce pollution (micro-particles are in the crosshairs), the commission indeed intends to review taxation on the rise for the diesel. So concretely, what does it say?
Thoughtful Brussels actually on an additional fee of the favourite fuel of the French to the tune of 17 cents per litre (8 to 15% more than gasoline). If we put aside this tariff, it is especially the usefulness of such a tax, which is still pending? It is just possible that Europe is investing in programs of remediation of diesel. This money will go, so who knows where for the moment.
In all cases, a review of this proposal should be done in November of this year, with a likely application by 2013 (you will say, we have time to see it coming).
So, without going into details, why diesel is more than his friend 95 or 98. In fact it is “simple.” Diesel vehicles emit lots of microparticles. These are very dangerous for health and produce serious illness. However, diesel, bought more expensive tax-free as the sans-plomb, is sold cheaper at the pump than the last, yet less polluting. The fault of the TIPP only. (look at the article on the calculation of the fuel for better understanding).
Since that ecology is on the front of the political stage and in the minds of many, the diesel is therefore in the crosshairs.


A brief calculation allows us to note that fuel will become more expensive than the sans-plomb:
Price of diesel in October 19, 2011: € 1.33
Price of unleaded to October 19, 2011: €1.49
SP98-October 19, 2011 price: €1.50
1.33€ + 0.17 $ per = $1.50 per litre of diesel fuel


What consequence for us french?

In France, we are 7 individuals on 10 to buy diesel vehicles. Logical, since they receive an ecological bonus (strange when it knows their issuance of microparticles), that they sell more expensive, have reduced consumption and a much smaller pump compared to gasoline vehicles prices.

If this increase continued, you would then attempted to sell your vehicle, migrate toward hybrid solutions or 100% electric (or compressed air). Manufacturers would see the number of vehicle diesel in free fall, which could lead in the worst of cases, technical unemployment, closures, etc (let us not nor defeatist).

In all cases, for others, you will continue to pay, as always.

In conclusion

For some time, diesel walked upward. However, it is far from the tariff announced above, relayed by many sites currently. 17 additional cents, imagine.
I intend to test and give you my opinion on 100% electric vehicles. We see with Julien to contact MDI (compressed air vehicles) to test their vehicles. Everything to offer you an alternative economic (and environmentally friendly) to the current transport solutions.

 What do you think? are you ready to pay the same price as gasoline diesel. Do you find this unjust measure or on the contrary makes sense? Leave your comments month.

Remember, this is only a hypothesis, in no way a certainty.
Go to stay in the theme and give you a nice Christmas gift idea, a small video. At least drive these cars do you will cost nothing, and you’ll have a good dose of sensations :) Good visualization.

How about you? What would you do with 162 million euros?

Go, once is not custom, I’ll make an article that is not really the savings, but rather spending that can be made. You probably know, the euro-million jackpot won on September 13. The lucky winner of the Calvados pockets so 162.256.622 euros. (it actually figures). If the winner did not want to make connaitre, it still said what he would do with his money. A real estate project and the investment in the French economy are its two runways to spend the equivalent of 2 Airbus A320.

Then, and you, what would you do if you were rich?

It is a question to which we have sometimes vague answers. Buy a House, a nice car, fun to his relatives. And then? EUR 162 million it actually houses and cars. And he must pay taxes at any given time. Then specifically, not to mention such a sum, how would you use your money smartly?

Personally?Here are the top 5 of my first investments if I was rich (or when I would be: p)

5. give a part of my fortune to research. Including investing in nutrition vacuum for shipping companies in African countries, that this misery stop.
4. buy a few promising start-ups that could quickly make a result turnover.
3. buy several homes for me, my family and my future children. That everyone can start with a heritage.
2. invest in the rental real estate. To renovate and then rent apartments. A dozen apartments for a shot from 2 to 3 million leased 500 euros per month. 5000 euros in total.
1. invest in parking spaces would be my first big investment. At the rate of 10 to 15 000 euros instead, I take in a hundred, that would make me a receipt of EUR 5000 per month about money. To pay some taxes.

I think that I épargnerais also not bad. 2% on €10,000,000, interests are nice and there is enough.

If I had an extravagant purchase to make? Maybe two or three cars I dream. The Audi S5 for every day, and the Nissan GTR for the weekend. I would for 150,000 euros.

History of laugh a little, now see the top 5 of the extravagances of rich, who have invested their money in a way… original, sometimes rightly, sometimes unnecessarily.

5. Thierry Ehrmann, that I already met a couple of times in his “abode of chaos «.» Value? 2.5 million euros. If I had known that he had a personal fortune (more than 125 million) and a listed company to 4 billion, I would have slipped him my business card, and with perhaps. In any case, it is a very affordable and friendly man that you can cross in his house, nearby Lyon. To visit and protect absolutely.
4. Kim Basinger bought in 1989 his hometown for $ 20 million. Others followed the movement eventually.
3. Guy Laliberté volunteered in 2009 a trip into space. Invoice total, EUR 35 million. Good agreement, on this one, I am jealous.
2. Roman Abramovitch, a Russian billionaire bought two works of art, for 120 million euros. Why? To put in the exposure of his fiancée who has just opened an art gallery. (if not me I just need 100 euros for a larger hosting me sieur!)
1. the sultan of Brunei was build a Palace of 200,000 m². Total bill? 1 billion 400 million (source wikipedia). He’ll often play the lottery to be able to beat this record. I’m sure there are 80% of his palace that he had not even visited. (Note: for sportsmen, his badminton teacher would receive a salary of $ 3 million.) To type in a wheel…)

Of course, all these rich and many others have also invested in humanitarian actions. So they do not hurt by pleasure.

In conclusion

This short article will not bring much business-design. However the end word of history is above all this reflection. What can be done (or can be) with its money, how to invest it, how to spend intelligently? This reflection does not only come when you have millions in his pocket, but now, at our level, with our means.
Invest in a frothing, to save water, invest in an electric car, to save gasoline, and many other things yet you find or will soon find on business-design.

Come on, let us dream, what would be your two smart investments and your investment extravaguant if you win of the overnight EUR 162 million? Leave me your comments. Do not hesitate, the site is dofollow and completely anonymous comments.