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Monopoly Mc Donald’s, still 14 million gifts to win, why not you?

You agree, it would have been scandalous to not talk about the current set of McDonald’s on business-designTHE game that everyone speaks, happening on television,radio, on the internet and on all media possible and unimaginable. Why suchexcitement? Because we “finally” all have the chance to win. Small overview of thegame.
How to win at the Mc Donald’s MonopolyWe offers 17 million gift.


First of all, for those who do not yet know. Simply put, Mc Donald’s revisits the famousgame of Monopoly until November 15 (with possibility of extension until November 22, 2011). By purchasing products (Menu, ice cream, drinks) you receive small detachablethumbnails representing streets of Monopoly, immediate gains or a chance card.
2 thumbnails you will be offered for the purchase of a medium drink, 4 thumbnails fora large drink, 2 thumbnails for a McFlurry or a small hot drink.
For earnings:
The immediate gains offer you the chance to win products Mc Donald’s (Discover herethe complete list) as the Mc Wrap, Big Mac, fries. Thumbnails of immediate gains youalso propose to win the games Monopoly Deal, music tracks and so on.
Cards chance to win  10,000 a day via a random drawThe winner will be announcedon YouTube every day. To do this simply enter the number of vo (s) tre chance on theMcDonald’s Monopoly site map (s) and then wait.
Finally, the thumbnails representing the streets of the gameNo doubt the object of alldesires. As for the game, you get all the thumbnails of a color to win a gain. Depending on your color, and as for the real Monopoly, you then win a gift from pair of speakersto EUR 100 000. Below is the list of possible gains:
-€100 000 with two dark blue thumbnails: - Champs-Elysées - code - 221M - and -peace Street - code - 222M-.
-(5 x) a MINI COOPER of 19 830 euros with three green thumbnails: - avenue ofBRETEUIL - code - 218M -, - avenue FOCH - code - 219M - and - Boulevard desCAPUCINES - code - 220M-.
-(10 x) a journey of 9,000 euros with three yellow thumbnails: - faubourg Saint-Honoré- code - 215 M -, - place of the BOURSE - code - 216 M - and - rue la FAYETTE - code- 217M-.
-(50 x) a LED TV 94 cm with DVD BLU – RAY of 1,100 euros by having three redthumbnails: - avenue MATIGNON - code - 212M - -, boulevard MALESHERBES - code- 213M - and - avenue HENRI-MARTIN - code - 214 M-.
-(200 x) a Samsung GALAXY S II of 600 euros approximately with three Orangethumbnails: - avenue MOZART - code - 209M -, - boulevard Saint-Michel - code - 210 M - and - Pigalle - code - 211 M-.
-(250 x) a 520 euros about ARCHOS tablet with three pink thumbnails: - boulevard ofLA VILLETTE - code - 206M - - avenue of NEUILLY - code - 207 M - and - ruePARADIS - code - 208 M-.
-(400 x) an XBOX 360 with Kinect games and 3 of 389 euros with four stations: code -223, 224, 225 M and 226 M-.
-500 kits Best of Emotion WONDERBOX 99.90 euros by having three clear bluethumbnails: - rue de VAUGIRARD - code - 203M -, - COURCELLES - code - 204M -and - avenue de LA RÉPUBLIQUE - code - 205M-.
-1 000 pairs of portable speakers from 25 euros with two Brown thumbnails: -BELLEVILLE boulevard - code - 201M - and - rue LECOURBE - code - 202M-.
Namely that all these gains can also be won immediately if you discover a vignette‘GAIN’ with the title of one of these. If you get thumbnails of the same colour, fill outthis form to get your winnings. (Opposite the game board to download and print tomake the point on your current thumbnails).
You see, 17 million gift will probably make the happiness of any follower of McDonald’sfood. However, if win a small drink or a McWrap is within reach of any consumer (seesame several times during the game), they are indeed gifts above that interest you as apriority, and it will be not so easy to gather the thumbnails of the same colour.
In fact, Ronald is malignant and has not put the same number of streets in the game.Thus a street of each color will be very difficult to obtain. Here is the list:
Dark blue thumbnails: street of peace
Green thumbnails: Avenue Foch
Yellow stickers: Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Red thumbnails: Boulevard Malsherbes
Orange thumbnails: Mozart Avenue
Pink thumbnails: Avenue Neuilly
Railway stations: Gare de Lyon
Clear blue thumbnails: Avenue de la République
Brown vignettes: Boulevard de Belleville

Several solutions are available to you. Either you have a lot of luck and you find one ofthese 9 thumbnails in those that you have obtained in your purchases. In this case,others will be not difficult to have. Either you have more luck and you find a seller ofthe famous sticker on the net. These sell for gold on sites such as leboncoin price, ebayand so on. Either you really have a lot of luck and your neighbor‘s table has absolutelyno desire to play. In which case it will not take its thumbnails and it will be possible toretrieve these before they end up in the trashVignettes that include one of the “rare”streets aboveFinally, a last solution, barter.

You propose a division of earnings with the happy holder of the coveted stickerFor me,this result a sense of very strange reflection of this rare map owner. But hey it takeseverything to make a world.


In conclusion

The McDonalds Monopoly the particularity to offer you a very high probability of gain.It is not uncommon to win a cheeseburger, a small drink and one of the 13 millions ofproducts Mc Do in gameWhat make you save a few euros. To win one of the biggestgains in game, the chance must be hand on your sidePersonally if someone wants tosell me the gare de Lyon for 50 euros, I‘m interested. You have until November 15.
I think the popularity of this game lies at this level. Everyone can win (earnings in realtime here). And it is quite pleasant and nice to collect these small thumbnails,complement the shelf and hope discover the thumbnail that will maybe make our lifefor a moment.
In the meantime, you can make your thumbnails on business-design exchanges. Simplypost a comment with your research or your cards duplicate you want to offer.

Also do not hesitate to let us know if you have won a small as a very large gift.

How about you? What do you think of this McDonald’s game? Do you find thisinteresting, pleasant, all just stupid? Do you have a barter to proposeMail us yourcommentsWe will respond with pleasure.

Statistics for business-design – 01 November to 30 November 2011

Business-design was set up March 10, 2011. It is designed to trace the day the day my thoughts and my experiences in the quest for financial independence from scratch. Round his, find good plans, conduct investigations on scams and exceptional promotions found in everyday life. Offer you culinary recipes at low prices and complete records on a specific theme. All of this information and many others are to find business –

Summary of previous episodes

With 11 articles in one month, site has experienced a small drop of regime on this point. Blame it on a relatively busy job and a great fatigue I try to recover as well as I can. However, some of these items have become very popular, especially for the comments.
First, consider the most commented articles:

“Omprakash article on the use of his passion (crafts, and especially one in particular) to supplement its month harvesting the most reviews with a total of 55. It is followed closely (52 comments) by my article on the solution E. Leclerc no longer forget your coupons. Ashley can also be proud, his article on debt consolidation got 45 very interesting comments. I also received an email on this subject that I diffuserais in the comments. Finally the subject of the shopping outlets has strongly interested in you with its 40 comments. However my penultimate article is good start in two days he harvested 32 comments from people explaining how they heat their interior, following the announcement of a further increase in likely gas.”

If we focus on the most viewed articles:

“I can’t me even. Article on the McDonald Monopoly to everything simply blew scores. Totalling 4287 visits in a month, it’s just 400% more than the second and third most SUVs. Unlike the previous month, found in most viewed most commented articles. So the solution e-Leclerc on the coupons, creative leisure of Omprakash, sites on the shopping outlets and finally the increase in gas get respectively 294, 257, 257 and 233 visits.”

I proposed this month to win a gift box by posting comments on the site maximum. To my great astonishment and to delight me, this operation outright exploded contributions on the site. If the battle between Julien and Omprakash has raged for almost 3 weeks, Julien took a big lead and more than 200 comments during the month. It is just awesome and I thank him greatly. You have well deserved this box Julien. I also let you tell me what “theme” you choose and I will send you the Cabinet before Christmas. In a month the site more than 500 comments. Thank you all, it really motivates me to do still more.
I also welcome Ashley, a co-blogger of Monmodedevie that to published 2 articles for its first month of business-design presence.
While all this give figures?

-The blog has generated a total of 4776 visits, including absolute 4117 visitors. It annoys me a little because people do not return to the site after a first visit.
-4776 visits, there were a total of 8623 page views for a total of 1.81 page per visit. A little less than last month.
-Average time spent on the site is 1 min 58 seconds. A very small decline, but the articles are shorter at the moment.
-Google and Facebook are the 2 main sources of traffic. You’ll need that I reassess a few advertisements on other sites. Direct access to the site (people who directly type business – in their navigation bar represents less than 10%. I hope that the upcoming flyers will change these bad statistics.
-any confused compensation platform, the site brought me 3.64 euros. It progresses slowly, and I thank the people who click on ads. It is thanks to this that I could always offer you more than beautiful gifts.
I want to clarify that I sold this month my first three pictures. Remember that I’m trying experience to exploit my passion to supplement my month. These 3 pictures therefore report me 6 euros. I’m trying to redo a few series that I hope will sell even more.

If summarized. Business – is on a rather well path at the moment. I hope to find quickly most of time and form to provide you with high-quality articles. If the site exists it is thanks to you and to your visits, so feel free to make the advertising around you. The Facebook page and Twitter account are there for that.
Once again, a big thank you to Julie, Omprakash, Agnes and Sev for their many comments. Thanks to all the others for your presence and your visits. Feel free to become active, to propose your tips and post your comments. Everyone has a little trick to make beautiful savings.
If you also want to receive an email informing you of new articles, please feel free to subscribe to the newsletter, always on the right side of the site, or on a dedicated page.


You heat gas? Why you are going to pay expensive, very expensive?

This is not new, gas is expensive, and those who use it for cooking, wash and heat their interior make the bonds in each of the invoices they receive. To see a bit of history, our current Prime Minister François Fillon has implemented in July freezing the price of gas for consumers, and for one year at least.
And it is simply shredded. Explanations.

Increase in the price of gas in sight, what solutions?

The news comes to us from the Council of State, and she is not very good. Do you know the Anode? It is in fact the retail operators Association national energy (Anode). This association brings together Direct Energy, Poweo, Altergaz and gas in Paris, the main competitors of GDF Suez. Without going into details, this association has made a referral for interim measures to the Council of State, which led to a sad revelation for the 10 million gas consumers.
Simply put, it is said that the Government’s decision to freeze gas prices is very questionable in terms of legality. It is therefore given a month to the Government that these prices be reviewed upward or downward on the basis of changes in the market. You’ll understand with the title of the article, it is rather that they will point up.

“According the Committee on regulation of energy (CRE), price (frost-free) would normally have had to increase from 8.8 to 10% on average.”

Reduce heating temperature

Would you be able to tell me how much you heat your home? If some take risks to their health by limiting housing all to 16 degrees, others instead don’t hesitate to heat up to 22 degrees and more. Yet, there is no ideal temperature for the entire home, but the temperatures for each piece of the latter.

“Thus the bathroom in general must be heated to 20 ° C, or even 21 ° C. The other parts must however be at temperature of 19 ° C. Finally, the bedroom should logically be around 17 ° C.”

Lowering the heating of the bedroom, in addition to improving your sleep (the body must cool), will lower your Bill significantly.

“Do you know that lower the temperature of your home or room in particular can save you between 7 and 12% on your bill of gas or electricity, for each degree less?”
Hint: a polar in Decathlon, 8 euros. And it’s just sweet.

Avoid contact with the outside world

The loss of energy in housing comes primarily from the windows. There are for this two simple methods for addressing the problems of cold (and warm elsewhere).

“Place curtains thermal insulation.”

If some curtains are designed to best for this, it is also possible to ‘enhance’ your favorite (and already purchased) curtains with extra insulating protection. A lining that is put behind any what curtain. This last will then return to the heart of the room heating rays emitted by your heat source. A savings of 45% about a bill for heating (in the case of a standard glass).
The second tip is also quite simple.

“Close the flaps.”

Once the Sun gave us up loosely at 5.30 p.m., close flap until the cold moved out. You will avoid then the cold (and wind) to enter in direct contact with windows and therefore your interior.
Reduce your consumption of gas or electricity with simple gestures

Do not use hot water when washing teeth (use a cup with ambient water), heating water for pasta with a lid (warm-up time decreased by 70%), thaw your products before cooking (the time of heating by 50% decrease).
So many tricks on which I would later return. This article is long enough.
In conclusion

If the announcement of the Council of State was to be expected, at least the increase in the price of gas, it is still in wonder what really expect distributors of the valuable means of heating. Destroy a few economies of millions of consumers? Put french households in absolute poverty? Grow still more?
In all cases, we unfortunately we expect to have to pay again and again for what I consider a right for the people, and not a constraint or a less and less affordable luxury.

How about you? What do you think? are you ready to pay your extra 10% gas as possible? Do you plan to install other means of heating? Do you know other tricks to reduce your Bill? Leave me your comments.

Thank you for reading and talk to you very soon.